Metabolic Measurement

  • KORR resting metabolic rate measurement testing to determine your exact zone for burning calories so you can lose weight safely.
  • SECA scale measurement of fat-free mass, fat mass, hydration status, and fat distribution. Allows for BMI measurement, monitoring muscle mass during weight loss programs, and early warning of metabolic illness.
  • VO2 Max determination - primarily for athletes who wish to determine the optimum zone for performance and fat burning.
  • Genetic, inflammatory, and metabolic lab testing to determine inflammations marker levels and metabolic risk patterns

My Optifast Journey

Medical weight loss management with meal replacements, supervised by registered dietitians, behaviorists, and exercise experts on line with Virtual Health Partners subscriptions. There is direct physician involvement in your health recovery who can reach out to you with telemedicine support in the comfort of your own home.

Medication Assisted Weight Loss

Dr. Sendi is experienced with the safe use and monitoring of weight loss medications, which can be an effective addiction to your weight loss journey. Several FDA approved and off label therapies can be utilized to help you shed pounds safely. The choice of medication will vary depending on the situation of the patient.

Also included are lipotropic injections, B12 injections, glutathione injections, and several others for optimizing health and weight loss.

Neograft Hair Restoration

Among the challenges of weight loss and weight gain is hair loss and thinning. We are trained Trichologists who can evaluate and treat hair loss, both medically and surgically with the Neograft system, which has a rapid recovery and success rate and leaves no linear scar. We evaluate for medical and endocrinological disorders that lead to hair loss, offer topical solutions and laser therapies to help hair grow back to it's fullest extent. Call 703-844-0184 for a consultation about your hair loss


Other Services..

We offer Food addiction treatment, Addiction treatments, pain management, and Ketamine infusions for chronic illness and mental health disorders. Please go to NOVA Health Recovery LLC for more information regarding theses offerings.

Next Steps...

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