Our Approach

NOVA Health Recovery was founded to provide the optimal care to patients suffering from life-altering, preventable illnesses such as  Obesity, Addiction, and Pain. Wellness is the bottom line result that everyone is searching for. We at NOVA Health Recovery can provide the tools, support, and interventions to allow one to move forward in their life in a healthy manner and ease the suffering of these debilitating conditions. Through progressive medication-assisted therapies, behavioral support, wellness plans, and general health screening, we can show you how to improve your quality of life. We have Telemedicine support through which you can attend appointments with your physician from the comfort of your home.

Our Story

I have spent over  21 years in the medical field and have observed the rise of obesity, addiction, and pain as they have affected the quality of life of so many people. There are so many available therapies that are underutilized but have great effectiveness in these conditions.  Having treated these ailments for so many years, it became apparent to me that many practitioners were poorly prepared to intervene. Many patients lost opportunities to improve their health and wellness. Progressive therapies for addictions, weight loss, and chronic pain have been overlooked as options for many patients. Seeing this, I decided to create this clinic with the expectation of helping patients reach their goals, mitigate risk, and enjoy the health they deserve.

Meet the Team

NOVA Health Recovery is dedicated to your successful weight loss journey.

Dr. Sendi has 21 years experience in the medical field. Included experiences are Addiction and Pain Management, Obesity and weight management, lipidology, and wellness. Dr. Sendi is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Obesity Medicine. His additional interests include wellness strategies , aging, and health-risk mitigation.

Next Steps...

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